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Why letting your recruitment agency conduct the first-stage interviews is a decision you wont regret.

October 26, 2020
Gareth Whyatt

When it comes to hiring new employees, business owners, HR staff and senior managers have got their work cut out for them. Already time-pushed and with a focus on keeping their energy on the tasks that generate revenue or meet targets and KPI’s – it isn’t always easy for the hiring of new staff to take centre stage and get the full attention it requires.

In fact, previous research found that recruiters spend just 7.4 seconds looking at CVs and improving candidate screening skills was an ongoing challenge.

While of course, there is technology out there that claims to help the recruitment process, these often work on a one-dimensional level. Missing the human interaction means that the future potential or passion of a candidate can be missed, as can the alignment (or misalignment) of values and the level of accountability they display cannot be judged or put into context.

This isn’t an activity we have brought in as a response to COVID19 restrictions, as a forward-thinking and proactive business, we have included first-stage video interviewing, using in-house video interviewing software, as part of our process since our early days.


What are the benefits of conducting a first-stage interview?

Reduced time to hire

By conducting these interviews on behalf of our clients, we reduce time to hire by 70%. That means a qualified candidate with a great attitude and aligned values could be in your business much faster than the traditional route of executing the entire process in house.


Watch the videos at your convenience

The videos can be screened at any time, anywhere and can be shared with other members of the business.

Typically, 1st stage interviews only include certain decision-makers but with our video interview software, everyone who is part of the decision process, or would be working closely alongside the new candidate, can agree on the individuals they would like to move forward to the next part of the interview process.


Saves all parties time and reduces costs

Working with a team that is not only dedicated but skilled, in finding the right candidates, as well as getting the most out of first-stage interviews means that the costs and time often associated with the traditional recruitment process are reduced.

Would it help to meet our team members that work in the specific area that you are hiring in, be it (for example) technical, engineering or NPD? You can meet the team, here: Our People.


What is our process when it comes to recruiting and first-stage interviews?

We work with the client to agree on the initial questions they want asking on their behalf, these can be broad, covering examples of accountability, or they could be specific and geared towards the company values or culture.

We then submit our shortlist of CVs for the role.

The client decides which candidates they’re interested in progressing, typically all of them.

Our team arrange times to conduct the video interviews with each candidate on their behalf.  Asking the questions that have been supplied and challenging answers where necessary.  In essence, we conduct the interview as the internal hiring manager would.

We then provide the client with all of the videos, allowing them to watch them in their own time, and shared with the relevant members of the team included in the recruitment process.

The client then instructs us on the candidates they want to progress to the 2nd, and typically final, stage of the interview.


If you would like to hear more about our first-stage video interview process could help you when it comes to recruiting, speak to a member of the team today.

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About The Author

Gareth Whyatt

After 12 years’ experience within the industry predominantly focusing on Operations and Supply Chain, founding The Sterling Choice has provided me with the opportunity to take a step back and focus on my passion for developing people and teams! As the self-proclaimed Head of Training I love seeing people develop and grow through the recruitment ranks and ultimately achieving both their personal and business goals.

For me The Sterling Choice is all about fun, results and collective success

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