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Can You Guess Which Food Product the Nation Spent the Most on Last Year?

From avocados to chocolate, the UK is a nation of food lovers. Whether we are going crazy for the latest vegan food trends or indulging in the finer things in life with a glass of champagne in hand, research shows that we spend an average of £56.28 a week on food and non-alcoholic drinks per week per household.

But what items are we spending the most on as a nation? It may come as no surprise that we spent £5.25 billion on wine in 2016, with other alcoholic beverages following behind as the UK paid £3.1 billion to indulge in a cold beer last year, £1 billion on cider and £331.5 million on champagne. It seems that 2016 was the year of the tipple.

When it comes to meat, both beef and chicken came top, as the nation spent £1.7 billion on both items, while just £236.1 million was spent on salmon. Bacon sandwiches are clearly a UK favourite as £959.9 million was spent on bacon.

Are you a tea or coffee person? Well, according to our shopping baskets the UK prefer coffee as we spent £1 billion on the highly caffeinated drink, compared to just £557.9 million on tea – even the English’s love of tea couldn’t win our purse strings in this war of the drinks.

It’s official, as top of the fruit and vegetables is the humble potato, as we spent £868.4 million on spuds in 2016. Don’t worry, as we still love avocados just as much as the media say we do, as we spent £192.4 million last year.

However, we don’t want to give it all away, so play the quiz for yourself and see if you can play your basket right here.

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