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Let Us Sculpt Your Career Article

Over the years, recruitment agencies have amassed a reputation similar to that of estate agents; the businesses are in it for a quick buck and…

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Retention or Recruitment – Is Your Method Working? Article

You’ve probably heard it all before – to recruit better talent, you need to retain your existing talent. But despite common sense, and the wealth…

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Experience vs Culture Fit – Have You Done Your Research? Article

Even candidates of the highest calibre can be the wrong person for the job if they are a poor fit with the company culture. Company…

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Talent Acquisition – It’s a Treasure Hunt not a Search Article

Many often confuse recruitment and talent acquisition believing they mean the same thing; filling a job role. True talent acquisition is about proactively searching for…

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Is Your Brand Attracting Talent – Or Scaring Them Away?  Article

It’s 2017 and your employer brand should be high on the agenda. In today’s world, attracting and retaining top talent is an increasingly competitive arena….

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