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Where does our food REALLY come from? Blog

With all the furore surrounding a no deal Brexit, one question that keeps being asked is how it will impact the UK’s food manufacturing industry….

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Is the UK’s food industry ageist? Blog

It’s impossible to talk about ageism in the UK’s food industry without discussing ageism in the UK as a whole. The problem appears to be…

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Why is it that most staff in HR are female? Blog

It’s well established that HR is one of the few career paths heavily dominated by women. While it’s easy to roll out lots of tired…

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Does The UK’s Food Industry Have a Sexism Problem? Blog

The food industry in the UK is going from strength to strength. From manufacturing to restaurants, and everything in between, we British are moving forward…

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Could a no-deal Brexit hit our food supplies? Blog

At a time when food banks are already giving out more packages than ever, would a no-deal Brexit drive prices higher and reduce or eliminate…

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Is there a worrying weakness in food labelling rules? Blog

Food labelling has found itself in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Recent tragic events have generated a new conversation about how lax…

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How is the food and drink sector affected by the 2018 budget? Blog

All sectors in the UK have had their difficulties recently. Political and economic uncertainty has created a precarious market. Despite this, on the whole, the…

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Why the sugar tax won’t work Blog

Many countries tax unhealthy lifestyle choices. The extra revenue raised is used to offset the additional costs and strain placed on healthcare infrastructure. With strong…

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