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We are a highly experienced recruitment agency within the Food, FMCG and Engineering sectors.

Recruiting for the Future

It’s common knowledge that careers in the Food, FMCG and Engineering industry are short-lived due to a high turn around in people. We’ve had experience time and time again, where many businesses rush the recruitment process and continue down the same path without taking a step back and thinking about the future plan.

While this may fill the gaps quickly and conveniently during an interim period, it does not offer a productive or profitable solution. You may even be back in the same position months down the line due to a lack of understanding from both the recruitment agency regarding your needs, and the candidate being mis-sold the position. 

When you hire the services of The Sterling choice, you will quickly understand that we do not take a ‘fill-fast’ approach to gain your business, because it is ineffective and offers no reliable solution.

Instead, we offer a process that not only ensures you can recruit the best people, but you can retain them.

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