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Is There a Storage Shortage? Article

Space in short supply Britain’s food industry has been left scrambling for additional warehousing space as growing fears of a no-deal Brexit have led manufacturers…

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The Big Problem in Engineering Everyone Should Be Talking About Article

A costly crisis Representing over 19% of total UK employment, engineering has a significant effect on the British economy. At a time of economic uncertainty,…

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What should the Government do to attract people to the food industry? Article

The UK’s food industry offers a diverse range of roles. From factory workers to scientists and analysts, and yet the sector is crying out for…

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Where does our food REALLY come from? Blog

With all the furore surrounding a no deal Brexit, one question that keeps being asked is how it will impact the UK’s food manufacturing industry….

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Is the UK’s food industry ageist? Blog

It’s impossible to talk about ageism in the UK’s food industry without discussing ageism in the UK as a whole. The problem appears to be…

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Why is it that most staff in HR are female? Blog

It’s well established that HR is one of the few career paths heavily dominated by women. While it’s easy to roll out lots of tired…

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Does The UK’s Food Industry Have a Sexism Problem? Blog

The food industry in the UK is going from strength to strength. From manufacturing to restaurants, and everything in between, we British are moving forward…

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Will a plastic packaging tax really work? Article

We’re all aware that single-use plastics are bad. There has been a plethora of activity surrounding plastic straws, single-use coffee cups and food packaging for…

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Will AI replace you and your job? Article

It feels like we’ve been predicting the loss of millions of jobs to robots for decades, and with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation becoming capable…

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