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We are a highly experienced recruitment agency within the Food, FMCG and Engineering sectors.

FMCG Recruitment Specialists

FMCG Recruitment Specialists

Having worked with some of the UK’s and Europe’s leading FMCG businesses, we think we’ve picked up a thing or two. Since 2013 we have been solely recruiting for the food manufacturing and FMCG industries. Having this niche area of focus means that we have gained deep insights into the sector, and an understanding when it comes to the type of people that bring value to the companies within it – we would even go as far to call ourselves FMCG recruitment specialists.

Matching FMCG clients and candidates on experience and values

Because for a business that is going places, that matters – right? Experience and qualifications are still incredibly important, but we’ve also honed a reputation for our ability to match employers and candidates used aligned values. We provide candidates that possess the experience and qualifications each role requires, while also sharing the values within the business. By doing so, candidates align with company culture and provide longevity - driving down recruitment costs and making a real impact on your business.

How do we do it?

How? Because our team of FMCG recruitment consultants take it upon themselves to ask questions that go beyond, ‘what job are you looking for’? If you are looking for the proactive, accountable, and driven candidates in the FMCG space – then you are also looking for The Sterling Choice.

Why use our FMCG recruitment services?

Whether your business requires permanent or interim candidates, in roles that include, HR, finance, engineering, technical, quality, marketing or procurement – we can help. We place on average 6 candidates a week who go on to remain with their employers between 2-4 years, adding serious value in that time. We like to get under the skin of your business. You can learn more about our recruitment process here. If you want to learn more about working with The Sterling Choice and our expert recruitment for the FMCG sector, speak with a member of our team today.

Some of our FMCG Clients

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