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Is your site ready for BRC and customer audits to commence? Article

We can help you assemble the team you need, fulfilling interim and permanent roles. The heightened panic at the beginning of the UK stretch of…

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14 Top Tips for Video Interviews Blog

Interviews can be daunting at the best of times, but for those that aren’t’ used to them – video interviews can especially nerve-wracking. The key…

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How to Prepare for an Interview Blog

As a recruitment agency, the quality of interviews is something that has always been important to us. The success rate of an interview is critical…

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Your COVID-19 Staffing Contingency Plan Article

The efforts of those in the Food and FMCG industry to keep the general public well stocked with essential items has been phenomenal. Without you,…

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Three things we’ve learnt about the food manufacturing industry during COVID19 Blog

Well 2020 has proved to be quite the ….. – we will leave it up to you to finish that sentence, but the team here…

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A Tale of Two Sides: How to Tackle the Recruitment Process in 2020 for Candidates and Employers. Article

Filling a vacancy is an outdated view of recruitment. You don’t hire employees to simply fill a vacancy, the true objective of a new hire…

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Is Brexit going to impact FMCG and Food recruitment? Article

After being a member state for 46 years, Britain’s departure from the EU has been much discussed, reported on and argued over. Regardless of whether…

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What can we expect from the UK food industry in 2020? Blog

2019 saw the continuation of ‘conscious consumption’ popularity. From food and drink to personal care and household cleaning items, consumers were purchasing items from low–impact,…

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The Sterling Choice Is Recruiting Article

  Are you looking to kickstart your career in 2020? Often likened to second-hand car salesmen, you might not have ever considered a career in…

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