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Why is Engineering Suffering a Skills Shortage? Blog

Recently, the ONS reported that between February and April of this year, there were almost 32 million people in work. This is a record high,…

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Revealed: Employees Willing to Sacrifice Salary for Other Perks Blog

Last month we surveyed 500 people in the UK, to find out how highly they valued their salary, and if they would be willing to…

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The Gig Economy and The FMCG Sector: It’s All About Interim Blog

Right now, the FMCG and food sectors are having to contend with the battle of the interim employee; a growing trend of permanent employees deciding…

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What’s the Gender Pay Gap in the Food Sector? Candidates

It’s been reported that the manufacturing sector has one of the largest gaps at 22%, including the food industry, and this has been down to…

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What Does Brexit Mean For The Food Sector? Blog

 While much of the Brexit coverage is currently homing in on the Freedom of Trade/Freedom of Movement stalemate (both of which are critical for the…

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How Important Is Employer Brand in the FMCG Sector? Article

First things first; what was once a ‘job seeker’ is now a ‘job shopper’ and today’s top talent have the ability to pick and choose…

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The Psychology Behind Recruitment Candidates

When it boils down to what makes a business successful, it’s not about how much money they have made, how many clients they have on…

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Has the Food Industry Lost Its Human Element? Article

The FMCG sector is the biggest manufacturing sector in the UK; turning over £80 billion a year and is host to some of the world’s…

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Are We Brexiting Our Diet? Article

As the FMCG sector faces an unstable future at the hands of Brexit, we look how the UK’s food industry could possibly be affected. From…

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