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This is Why You Aren’t Attracting The Staff You ‘Deserve’ Blog

The competition for employees is fierce and employing the right people is critical for any business. With the right people, your rate of growth will…

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What is the Negative Impact of Veganism? Blog

Part two of two.   In our previous article, ‘The Vegan Movement Disrupted the Food Industry’, we detailed the paradigm shift of the ‘face’ of veganism….

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What is the Benefit of Using a Recruitment Agency vs Hiring In-House? Blog

When it comes to hiring new staff, businesses are faced with the choice of using a specialist recruitment agency or letting an in-house team handle…

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The Role of Big Data in the FMCG Sector Blog

More than just a buzzword, big data is big news.   We have made no secret of the fact that the FMCG industry still behaves in…

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September Company Update Article

We are proud to report that The Sterling Choice has followed in the footsteps of previous years and continued to go from strength to strength…

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The Vegan Movement Disrupted the Food Industry Blog

Part one of two.  Once regarded as a militant fringe ‘cult’, veganism has quickly risen through the ranks to become mainstream. Previously, those who decided…

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The Four-Letter ‘Word’ Disrupting Interim Employees: IR35 Article

Being a business in the food manufacturing and FMCG sector, we couldn’t ignore the impending changes when it comes to tax. Being a sector that…

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The Way Recruiters and HR Managers Are Using the CV is Wrong. Here is Why. Blog

The CV, curriculum vitae, or resume has been the cornerstone of a job search for many years. When we say ‘many years’, we don’t mean…

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The Impact of (some) Interims on the Food and FMCG Sector Blog

Let’s stop and think. Why would a company hire an interim employee? Historically, and not to mention logically, it would be to draw on the…

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