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Could ex-military engineers be the heroes the food industry needs? Engineering

It’s no secret that the food industry is suffering a number of personnel shortages right now – we’ve all heard about shortage of HGV drivers,…

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The top paying positions in US food production Food Manufacturing

Positions within the food and beverage industry … how many can you think of … GO! Whatever list has just reeled off, you can bet…

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What groceries did US consumers spend money on in 2021? Food Manufacturing

From familiar comfort foods to new healthy options – the pandemic has paved the way for a shift in grocery shopping trends and eating habits…

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Are American brands leading the way in food innovation? Food Manufacturing

We all know only too well how the past 18 or so months have impacted our lives. From our retail habits and the way we…

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How are US food manufacturers preparing for the future of work? Food Manufacturing

THE pandemic has certainly lefts its mark on the US and indeed the global food and beverage industry – from manufacturing, processing and packaging to…

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Are we finally seeing realistic starting salaries come into play? Record rise reported. Candidate Advice

After the worry and concern in the job market following the COVID19 outbreak, it’s only fair that we have a light at the end of…

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7 ways to make sure your LinkedIn profile is helping your job search Candidate Advice

Social media – we turn to it to feed our news cravings, wish people we barely speak to a happy birthday and post photos of…

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Diversity in the food manufacturing industry Food Manufacturing

AS we emerge from a tough few weeks where racism has again dominated the headlines – as has people’s response to this unfortunate and ugly…

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Psychometric testing: Why is it so important for recruitment? Employer Advice

YOU think you have found your ideal candidate – their CV looks great, previous experience ticks all the boxes and their educational background is impressive. …

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