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5 Ways Supermarkets Can Push UK Shoppers Towards E-Commerce Blog

It’s no secret: Online is where the shoppers are at. As Amazon makes strides into the food scene through its Whole Foods acquisition, it is…

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It’s Our Birthday! Blog

We are so incredibly pleased to be celebrating our 5th birthday. Having founded the business in 2013, Gareth Whyatt and I are extremely proud of…

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How will industry 4.0 affect recruitment? Blog

The fourth industrial revolution is well and truly upon us and the change has happened fast; but have industries been quick enough to adapt? Moreover,…

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Macromania: How the Food Industry is Battling the Calorie Counters Blog

Debates rage over how best to manage our diets. In truth, calories do little to portray the actual nutritional value of food, while it appears…

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Get Ahead of the Curve with New Packaging Laws Blog

Us humans, just by going about our daily business, create an avalanche of rubbish. No, we’re not referring to the contents of politicians’ tweets, we’re…

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The Vision Shift Report: A Perspective to Challenge an Industry

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we became increasingly aware of our insightful position between client and candidate. It is this unique perspective…

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Is Staff Engagement the Key to Solving Retention Issues for the Food Industry? Blog

The food and drink manufacturing industry is currently in a fragile state. Since the vote to leave the European Union, the sector which is heavily…

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Which Supermarkets Work with UK Food Suppliers? Part One Blog

  Earlier this year, a report was commissioned by one of the ‘Big Four’ UK supermarkets, that led to Professor Tim Benton from the University…

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FMCG Around the World – How does it compare to the UK? Blog

  The Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods, or FMCG, sector covers everything from food and beverage items to household goods such as toiletries, washing powder and over the counter…

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