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Adam Smith

I’ve worked in the recruitment sector since 2003, always being aligned to the manufacturing world. From holding a number of senior leadership roles since 2010 I wanted to get back on the frontline with stronger commercial experience than my first time around.

As pretty much every recruiter I’ve ever spoken too I just fell into it, I was recruited into a Business Development Manager as my first appointment in the industry and never looked back. The beauty of the role is a position where you get to learn a lot from a wide range of people, seeing different styles, approaches and various ways to be successful in a variety of scenarios.

The draw of recruitment has always been how varied and challenging it is as a career and the rewards for being successful are equal to this.

Recruitment is all about people and stories, my approach is to work with a strong level of connection and knowledge of who and what my clients and candidates are all about.

This business has grown impressively and as soon as you talk to the directors here you can understand why as they hold firm to the quality of relationships and processes that is expected across the company. Being consistent is key to a good recruiter and I feel privileged to join a firm that is very close to my values.

I’ll be focusing on Management & Senior appointments within the East Anglia and the Midlands across the FMCG market.

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