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We are a highly experienced recruitment agency within the Food, FMCG and Engineering sectors.

Industry Knowledge

The Food, FMCG and Engineering sectors are on the brink of change.

Individuals are seeking more from their employers, and fresh talent is hard to find.

Filling a position is often seen as a means-to-an-end, but at The Sterling Choice we look at things differently, because we know what works, and know the people behind the brands and the CV’s.

Much like the manufacturing belt that keeps on turning, the industry is well-known to churn people out; leading to constant change and crippling costs. But this machine of talent ends with us.

Combining our knowledge of the industry, we work with people to find the right fit. Because if our experience has taught us anything, it’s that people should be your focus, not the role.

When you hire The Sterling Choice, you are gaining thought leaders who can guide you in finding the right candidate who not only offers the skills required, but has personal beliefs that align with your company ethos.

At The Sterling Choice, we share our thoughts and opinions on the industry we work within because we are dedicated to making a positive change that will enhance the companies we work with, and create a sustainable, thriving industry.

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